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Tube Skids

CNG Type-2 Jumbo Tube Skids

ENK provides new products to enlarge efficiency of gas transportation with higher volume in lighter weight of jumbo tube, which has thin steel liner with reinforced composite. This is competitive more than 10%~15% than conventional steel jumbo tube in bolume and weight control. The working pressure is set to 250bar, according to the customer's requirements. The Type-2 jumbo tube are protected by the enclosure of ISO skid and always keep in good order against environmental weather condition.

Skid Length Item Tube Q'ty
& Length
Working Pressure
Total Water Capacity
Total Gas Capacity
Gross Weight
32' TT15-1025CNG2 15/9,000mm 250 15,375 4,575 23,237
TT20-1025CNG2 20/9,000mm 250 20,500 6,100 29,674
40' TT20-1260CNG2 20/10,980mm 250 25,200 7,468 33,255