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물류 서비스

Distribution DivisionDistribution Service

Distribution Center

ENK is fully equipped with human resources specialized in distribution and special facilities and equipment to offer customized service.

  • New port address : 32, Sinhang 7-ro, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
  • Shed codes : 03078043

Facility size

  • Site area – 36,790m²
  • Building area – 17,051m²
  • Yard – 19,739m²
  • Distribution center – 8,264m²
  • FACTORY – 6,611m²
  • Office – 660m²
  • Security office – 20m²

Third Party Distribution Service

Cost reduction by innovating distribution system through en masses service of multifunctional combined logistics, such as storage, cargo handling, transportation and others, as a third party distribution company of shippers (manufacturing·distribution businesses), and company competitiveness improvement by advancing service quality


Specialization Service

Providing various quality of electronics, CKD semi-processed products, industrial electronic goods as well as specialized customization service.


Multifunctional High Value Multi-Service

Providing multi-service through distribution network establishment by equipping with high value-added competitiveness in various ways of transportation, processing and assembling.

  • Cargo handling, storage, transportation and exhibition
  • Combined logistics(processing, assembling, packing and labeling)