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High pressure gasUltrasonic Examination

Basis of Application

KGS Cylinder

  • KGS AC 218 (3) Exemption from internal pressure test In the case of containers used for standard gas or semiconductor gas of "Contents 2L or more and less than 5L and" Contents 125L or more and 150L or less " In accordance with (1) and (2), dilatometric test and pressure test may be replaced by ultrasonic test.
  • KGS AC 218 (4) (Cylinders or cartridge Cylinders with a content of 5L or more and less than 125L) (2) and for Cylinders used for standard gas or semiconductor gas. The expansion measurement test and the pressure test according


  • DOT-SP 20694 permits commercial operation of ultrasonically inspected DOT 3AA, 3AAX Cylinders in lieu of internal visual and internal pressure tests.
  • Requalifier Identification Number (RIN) I352 (PHMSA) permits re-inspection of DOT 3AA, 3AAX Cylinders by applying an ultrasonic test in accordance with DOT-SP 20694.

KGS Cylinder Accessories

  • Visual inspection, airtight performance test and operational performance test according to KGS AC 316 are to be carried out. Ultrasonic Examination The visual inspection of the accessories of the applied Cylinder may be carried out by the visual inspecti