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Gas Cylinders

ASME Storage Vessels

The storage vessels are mainly used for CNG charging stations, industrial factories & ships. It's structure is that usually three vessels of 1,300 liters for content volume are combined into one module. In the case of large storage stations, several modules can be installed.
The specifications for vessel design, manufacture, and inspection comply with the ASME standard of USA as well as the standard of Korea Gas Safety Corporation. The vessels are being manufactured and exported to countries all over the world.

Item Gas Tube Length
Total Water Capacity
Working Pressure
Gas Capacity
ASME 585 H2, CNG & Industrial Gases 3,125 248 585 173
ASME 1000 4,890 248 1,000 296
ASME 1300 6,250 248 1,300 385
ASME 1000 6,555 400 1,000 380
ASME 1300 7,740 320 1,300 447